Valiant Effort 052: Battle for New Japan

Today’s episode of Valiant Effort is brought to you by the letters STP and DMX. In this installment we take a look at the second Rai trade. We talk exploding cereal, Jonah and the Whale, and wet voice acting. Also, Nick has very strong opinions on roman numerals and who he thinks Father is. It’s the commentary you crave and it’s in your headphones now!

Valiant Effort 052: Battle for New Japan

Rai Vol. 2 TPB, cover by Clayton Crain

(Cover art by Clayton Crain.)

Valiant Effort 051: Making History

Past, present and future collide in the latest episode of Valiant Effort. Join your favorite lurkers Nick and Josh as they talk about your favorite time-hopping Valiant character when they discuss the first Timewalker trade. How does time travel work in the Valiant Universe? How long will our universe last? Would your hosts change anything in their past if they could? Don’t miss our commentary on Valiant’s biggest story arc yet!

Valiant Effort 051: Making History

Ivar, Timewalker Vol. 1 TPB, cover by Raul Allen

(Cover art by Raul Allen.)

Valiant Effort 050: The Valiant

Holy cow! We’ve made it to our 50th regular episode, and this time we’re talking about the critically acclaimed mini-series The Valiant. We talk about the creepy Mr. Flay, Gilad’s scars and the deaths of women in comics. If you haven’t read this story yet make sure you do before listening to this, and if you’ve already read it, read it again. Seriously! You won’t regret it.

On a personal note, it has been a blast for us recording these fifty episodes and we really appreciate you listening along with us. Here’s to fifty more!

Valiant Effort 050: The Valiant

The Valiant Vol. 1 TPB, cover by Paolo Rivera

(Cover art by Paolo Rivera.)

And to get you excited about the story:

Valiant Effort 049: Days of Steel

The Eternal Warrior has been sent on a cryptic mission by the Geomancer leading him to say “That’s so Raven!” Now centuries later Nick and Josh discuss the third Eternal Warrior trade: Days of Steel. Why can’t the Geomancer be more specific? Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? Why is everyone getting cut in the face? Thanks fo listening!

Valiant Effort 049: Days of Steel

Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel Vol. 1 TPB, cover by Bryan Hitch

(Cover art by Bryan Hitch.)

Valiant Effort 048: The Glitch & Other Tales

It’s that time again, another episode of Valiant Effort. This time we’re wrapping up the original Bloodshot run with volume 6. Is Bloodshot more machine than man? Is love a glitch? Does this volume have enough comic in it? All this and more including Josh’s thought on the new A Sound of Thunder album. Thanks for listening!

Valiant Effort 048: The Glitch & Other Tales

Bloodshot Vol. 6 TPB, cover by Lewis LaRosa

(Cover art by Lewis LaRosa.)

Valiant Effort 047: The Return of Quantum & Woody

Hey everybody and welcome to another episode of Valiant Effort. In this installment we have a special guest: Sean from the Only the Valiant Podcast. His goal: to help Josh understand what Q2 is all about. Can he do that? Tune in to find out!

Valiant Effort 047: The Return of Quantum & Woody

Also, if you don’t already, subscribe to Only the Valiant or go to and further immerse yourself into all that is Valiant!

(Cover art by MD Bright.)

Valiant Effort 046: The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage

We’re back from Nick’s wedding and it’s time to talk about a love story. No, not Nick’s marriage! It’s time to talk Dr. Mirage! Does Valiant succeed in telling a believable love story? What is Deadside? And what happens to you when you die? All this and more on our return! It’s Dia de los Muertos, the day we talk to our dead loved ones, and there’s absolutely no better book to discuss!

Valiant Effort 046: The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage


(Cover art by Travel Foreman.)

Valiant Effort 045: Enter: Armorines

Enter: Nick and Josh for another jam-packed episode of Valiant Effort. This time we’re talking about the 8th XO Manowar trade. Josh wants a world without politics, Nick wants a world with an Armorines Saturday morning cartoon, and Nick and Josh both want a world where they can do math. So put on your thinking caps and get ready for a tiny Nick and Josh to whisper another episode right in your ear.

Valiant Effort 045: Enter: Armorines

Also, Nick is about to be married! After this episode we’ll be going on a short break for bachelor parties, weddings and honeymoons. We’ll return soon. Meanwhile you can send Nick your best wishes and keep the conversation going by emailing us at and on twitter @vepodcast!

(Cover artist Raul Allen.)