Episode 2: Omega Rising

Episode 2: Omega Rising is now available.  In this episode we have a fantastic conversation about the first Volume of Harbinger: Omega Rising.  Who is the Bleeding Monk? What do all those Japanese ranks mean? Is Pete the worst human being ever?  All this and more!

Episode 2: Omega Rising

Also, the Valiant Effort Podcast is available on itunes.  Please rate and review!Omega Rising


2 thoughts on “Episode 2: Omega Rising

  1. I just discovered your podcast and am LOVING it! Thanks for the insight. I have never picked up a Valiant comic till the re-launch. The price point of the first trades and the level of talent on the books made it a very easy sell for me.

    For me, the things I LOVE about the new Valiant universe is Archer & Armstrong, Toyo Harada, the Bleeding Monk, XO Manowar (love the Vine aliens) and the secondary Renegade characters of Harbinger comic.
    I love these parts so much that I am REALLY excited to read some of the original Valiant universe. I’m sure most of that Humble Bundle I grabbed will fill in plenty of holes.
    LOVE the pictures from the NYCC. I went to Wizard World Chicago hoping to see Valiant, but they didn’t make an appearance.

    Thank you so much for your podcast and the format cause I LOVE the Valiant education I’m getting.

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