Episode 30: Get Some!

It’s ’90’s nostalgia time on Valiant Effort.  In this issue we explore five episodes of Bloodshot, specifically Bloodshot Volume 5: Get Some! Why are these characters so muscley? Can Valiant tell a story with a realistic romance? What is Nick’s breaking point?  Tune in now to get some of this… and more!

Episode 30: Get Some!

(Cover art by Lewis LaRosa.)


2 thoughts on “Episode 30: Get Some!

  1. I love your podcast. It’s a great idea, reviewing one trade at a time instead of monthly!

    I didn’t care too much for Bloodshot on his own. I think the HARD Corp group are much more interesting characters. This whole “man without a past” and false memory implants was old in the mid nineties when they did it with Wolverine.

    Regarding this particular episode, I have one major nit to pick. You mentioned Lifeline about a dozen times. I think in every case, you were talking about Flatline, not Lifeline.

    Aaaaannnd… penis!

  2. Thanks Art! You are not the first person who caught our gaffe, but be assured that I will issue a retraction at the beginning of the next episode. It might speak to what Nick was saying about their being to many characters, or it might be an example of how you shouldn’t podcast after working a 10 hour shift.

    Thanks for listening!

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