Episode 34: Crooked Pasts, Present Tense

…And we’re back! Our schedules have cleared up and we’re ready to talk some Quantum & Woody. In this episode we talk about depth of character, dynamic panel layouts and goat babies! We’re very excited to finally be talking some comics again, so set your fancy new apple watch to the Valiant Effort Podcast!

Episode 34: Crooked Pasts, Present Tense

Also, your intrepid hosts, Nick and Josh, made a movie in High School. Do you want to see the trailer to that (awful) movie? Five new itunes reviews by the end of June will lead to our forever embarrassment. So get reviewing world or the trailer goes back in the vault!
(Cover art by Tom Fowler.)

One thought on “Episode 34: Crooked Pasts, Present Tense

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