Episode 39: Armor Hunters, Part IV

It’s Bloodshot’s turn in our Armor Hunters Summerfest! This episode we discuss what the Nanite Crusader was up to while the Armor Hunters were destroying the planet. Tangents in this episode include discussions on Lilt’s character design, euthanasia (sorry for the heavy topic), and elbow macaroni (not as heavy a topic). Also in this episode Nick holds his first chromium cover.

Episode 39: Armor Hunters, Part IV

Lastly, this is your final opportunity to see the trailer to the movie Nick and I made when we were in High School. The movie is bad and so is the trailer and you know you want to see it. Just a couple of more iTunes reviews and we’ll post it here!

Armor Hunters: Bloodshot Vol. 1 TPB, cover by Phillip Tan

(Cover art by Philip Tan with Romulo Fajardo.)


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