Valiant Effort 051: Making History

Past, present and future collide in the latest episode of Valiant Effort. Join your favorite lurkers Nick and Josh as they talk about your favorite time-hopping Valiant character when they discuss the first Timewalker trade. How does time travel work in the Valiant Universe? How long will our universe last? Would your hosts change anything in their past if they could? Don’t miss our commentary on Valiant’s biggest story arc yet!

Valiant Effort 051: Making History

Ivar, Timewalker Vol. 1 TPB, cover by Raul Allen

(Cover art by Raul Allen.)

Valiant Effort 050: The Valiant

Holy cow! We’ve made it to our 50th regular episode, and this time we’re talking about the critically acclaimed mini-series The Valiant. We talk about the creepy Mr. Flay, Gilad’s scars and the deaths of women in comics. If you haven’t read this story yet make sure you do before listening to this, and if you’ve already read it, read it again. Seriously! You won’t regret it.

On a personal note, it has been a blast for us recording these fifty episodes and we really appreciate you listening along with us. Here’s to fifty more!

Valiant Effort 050: The Valiant

The Valiant Vol. 1 TPB, cover by Paolo Rivera

(Cover art by Paolo Rivera.)

And to get you excited about the story:

Valiant Effort 049: Days of Steel

The Eternal Warrior has been sent on a cryptic mission by the Geomancer leading him to say “That’s so Raven!” Now centuries later Nick and Josh discuss the third Eternal Warrior trade: Days of Steel. Why can’t the Geomancer be more specific? Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? Why is everyone getting cut in the face? Thanks fo listening!

Valiant Effort 049: Days of Steel

Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel Vol. 1 TPB, cover by Bryan Hitch

(Cover art by Bryan Hitch.)

Episode 44: The United

What does Valiant Comics, Queen Latifah and a small town in the middle of nowhere Maine have in common? U-N-I-T-Y. In this episode we take a look at volume 4 of Valiant’s Avengers as they square off against The United. Topics include: Growing up, super-heroes standing trial, and the concept of the Pacifist Hero. Also, way more information than you ever needed to know about the 1918 World Series.

Episode 44: The United

We had some audio issues with this episode, stay tuned to the very end to find out the hilarious reason why. In the meantime, thanks for listening, and we promise the sound quality that you’re used to hearing will return on our next installment.


(Cover art by Lewis LaRosa.)

Episode 43: The Delinquents

Forget Armor Hunters, this is the crossover event you’ve been waiting, (…or maybe not) Archer & Armstrong and Quantum & Woody join forces to fight corporate farming! Tune in to listen to Josh struggle to talk intelligently about Monsanto when he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and Nick just struggles to read the book. It’s The Delinquents!

In the Valiant Effort Podcast,
It’s a land that’s fair and bright,
The podcasts grow on bushes
And a new episode every night.
The earphones all are playin’
And the sun shines every day
I’m bound to go
To the best show
Where the edits are small
And the conversations flow
In the Valiant Effort Podcast.

Episode 43: The Delinquents

The Delinquents Vol. 1 TPB, cover by Paolo Rivera

(Cover art by Paolo Rivera.)

Episode 37: Armor Hunters, Part II

It’s part two of our Summerfest Extravaganza! In this episode we talk about the third Unity trade which also ties into Armor Hunters. We talk about what we like and don’t like out of Unity so far and we also discuss how well this story fits in with the overall story of Armor Hunters!

Episode 37: Armor Hunters, Part II

Also, remember to tweet your #VagueNews fake spoilers at Nick’s twitter handle @loungefly02!

And lastly, you’re running out of time! Your intrepid hosts, Nick and Josh, made a movie in High School. Do you want to see the trailer to that (awful) movie? Five new itunes reviews by the end of June will lead to our forever embarrassment. So get reviewing world or the trailer goes back in the vault!

Unity Vol 3 Armor Hunters TP

(Cover art by Mico Suayan.)

Episode 36: Armor Hunters, Part I

The HUGE Armor Hunters Event 2014 is finally being covered by us and it’s so exciting Nick fell asleep while recording the episode. And if you think I’m joking, tune-in to find out why and try not to laugh too much at the poor guy. In this episode we talk about whether or not Aric has really changed, teeth pulling and Arnold action lines. Also, Nick has no idea how many episodes it’s going to take to fully cover Armor Hunters, but the ground floor is here.

Episode 36: Armor Hunter, Part I

One more thing: your intrepid hosts, Nick and Josh, made a movie in High School. Do you want to see the trailer to that (awful) movie? Five new itunes reviews by the end of June will lead to our forever embarrassment. So get reviewing world or the trailer goes back in the vault!

(Cover art by Jorge Molina.)

Episode 29: Trapped By Webnet

It’s time for a new episode of Valiant Effort. In this episode we explore the second Unity trade.  Hear our discussion on Bond villains, Josh’s inability to pronounce words, and gripes about how short this volume is.

Livewire: “Do you expect me to talk?”
Dr. Silk: “No Livewire, I expect you to die!.”
(Cover art by Clayton Crain.)

Episode 28: Eternal Emperor

It’s 4001! Let’s catch up with our favorite immortal and see what he’s doing 2,000 years in the future. This episode we will discuss the second Eternal Warrior trade from Valiant Entertainment. Dystopia, walking and the value of human life are just some of the topics touched on in this installment of what I’m sure is somewhere in the top six of podcasts you listen to that focuses on Valiant Comics.

Episode 28: Eternal Emperor

(Cover art by Clayton Crain.)

Episode 25: At War with Unity

It’s episode 25! In this episode we talk about the XO Manowar tie-in books during Unity #1-4. We also talk about what we want to have happen with our corpses. Don’t worry though, it’s not all morbid, we also give away a GOLD BOOK! Are you the winner? Tune-in to find out!

Episode 25: At War with Unity

(Cover art by Clayton Crain.)