Valiant Effort Interacts 013: Living Level 3

In this quick episode Joshua and Karyn talk about Joshua Dysart’s new online comic LL3.

Valiant Effort Interacts 013: Living Level 3

You can read the comic at the following links:

Valiant Effort Interacts 012: The Music of Shadowman

Howdy Valiant Ones! In this episode we’re going to take a look at the music featured in the original Shadowman series. Jazz, blues and rock and roll are now coming at you on your hit station: Valiant Effort.

Valiant Effort Interacts 012: The Music of Shadowman


(Cover artists Bob Hall.)

Valiant Effort Interacts 011: My Dad’s First Convention

I took my Dad to his first convention and he actually had fun. We do a recap of the Secret Wars and The Spirit panels he went to, and we also talk about Charlton Comics a bit. Also included some dos and don’ts of conventioning and a bunch of Jim Shooter talk who was at the convention. Remember, you’re never too old to go to your first comic convention and have a great time!

Valiant Effort Interacts 011: My Dad’s First Convention


Valiant Effort Interacts 010: Strange New Kindle Worlds – XO Manowar

Welcome to another episode of Valiant Effort Interacts. In this episode Josh and Karyn take a look at the eight XO Manowar stories published under the Kindle Worlds program. Don’t know what Kindle Worlds is? Take a listen and explore a new and exciting aspect of Valiant fandom!

Valiant Effort Interacts 010: Strange New Kindle Worlds – XO Manowar

Altogether there are 87 Valiant stories in the Kindle Worlds program and we hope to read them all at some point. If you have a favorite one let us know on twitter @vepodcast, or by emailing us at Thanks for the listen!

Kindle XO Manowar

Valiant Effort Interacts 009: My Valiant Dad!

It’s another installment of Valiant Effort Interacts, and this time we talk about the person who got me (Josh) into comics: my Dad! My father, Dr. Jamie Eves, is a historian and professor, and when he’s not talking about American History he loves to talk about comics! In this episode we talk about how he started reading comics as a kid, why he prefers independent comics, and how he started reading Valiant Comics in the ’90’s. We end the conversation discussing the current state of the comic book industry, and we talk about his favorite comic book company (the answer may surprise you).

Valiant Effort Interacts 009: My Valiant Dad!

We also really appreciate you guys hanging in with us without having a new episode up in awhile. Nick and I both have jobs that take a great deal of our time and scheduling has been rough, but we should be back on schedule next week with our look at Quantum & Woody Volume 3!

Below is a sampling of some of the comics we discussed in this episode. Thanks for listening!

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Valiant Effort Interacts 008: Email Time!

It’s email time! In this episode we respond to emails from Mark, Dallow Spicer, Scott and Joey. Thanks to those who have written in, and if you would like to contact us or send us a question you can email us at

Next week we get our first peek at Armor Hunters!
unnamedPost recording snack!

Valiant Effort Interacts 007: Video Games!

Pardon me for using the Interacts label for this episode, there are no interactions in this episode besides your head bobbing and your feet tapping at the same time.  Today we’re going to explore the music for the Acclaim (Valiant) video games made in the 90’s. Enjoy!

Valiant Effort Interacts 007: Video Games!