Valiant Effort 045: Enter: Armorines

Enter: Nick and Josh for another jam-packed episode of Valiant Effort. This time we’re talking about the 8th XO Manowar trade. Josh wants a world without politics, Nick wants a world with an Armorines Saturday morning cartoon, and Nick and Josh both want a world where they can do math. So put on your thinking caps and get ready for a tiny Nick and Josh to whisper another episode right in your ear.

Valiant Effort 045: Enter: Armorines

Also, Nick is about to be married! After this episode we’ll be going on a short break for bachelor parties, weddings and honeymoons. We’ll return soon. Meanwhile you can send Nick your best wishes and keep the conversation going by emailing us at and on twitter @vepodcast!

(Cover artist Raul Allen.)


Episode 41: American Wasteland

It’s time to read the conclusion to Fred Van Lente’s run on Archer & Armstrong! In this episode we talk about celebrity worship, conspiracy theories, and we find out who Archer’s parents are. Plus we discuss our views on the series as a whole and the longest easter egg section to date!

Episode 41: American Wasteland

Also, we did put our childhood movie trailer online. You can find it by scrolling down. Reach out to us on twitter @vepodcast or email us at Thanks for listening!

(Cover art by Michael Walsh.)

Valiant Effort Interacts 010: Strange New Kindle Worlds – XO Manowar

Welcome to another episode of Valiant Effort Interacts. In this episode¬†Josh and Karyn take a look at the eight XO Manowar stories published under the Kindle Worlds program. Don’t know what Kindle Worlds is? Take a listen and explore a new and exciting aspect of Valiant fandom!

Valiant Effort Interacts 010: Strange New Kindle Worlds – XO Manowar

Altogether there are 87 Valiant stories in the Kindle Worlds program and we hope to read them all at some point. If you have a favorite one let us know on twitter @vepodcast, or by emailing us at Thanks for the listen!

Kindle XO Manowar