Valiant Effort 051: Making History

Past, present and future collide in the latest episode of Valiant Effort. Join your favorite lurkers Nick and Josh as they talk about your favorite time-hopping Valiant character when they discuss the first Timewalker trade. How does time travel work in the Valiant Universe? How long will our universe last? Would your hosts change anything in their past if they could? Don’t miss our commentary on Valiant’s biggest story arc yet!

Valiant Effort 051: Making History

Ivar, Timewalker Vol. 1 TPB, cover by Raul Allen

(Cover art by Raul Allen.)

Valiant Effort 049: Days of Steel

The Eternal Warrior has been sent on a cryptic mission by the Geomancer leading him to say “That’s so Raven!” Now centuries later Nick and Josh discuss the third Eternal Warrior trade: Days of Steel. Why can’t the Geomancer be more specific? Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? Why is everyone getting cut in the face? Thanks fo listening!

Valiant Effort 049: Days of Steel

Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel Vol. 1 TPB, cover by Bryan Hitch

(Cover art by Bryan Hitch.)

Episode 37: Armor Hunters, Part II

It’s part two of our Summerfest Extravaganza! In this episode we talk about the third Unity trade which also ties into Armor Hunters. We talk about what we like and don’t like out of Unity so far and we also discuss how well this story fits in with the overall story of Armor Hunters!

Episode 37: Armor Hunters, Part II

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And lastly, you’re running out of time! Your intrepid hosts, Nick and Josh, made a movie in High School. Do you want to see the trailer to that (awful) movie? Five new itunes reviews by the end of June will lead to our forever embarrassment. So get reviewing world or the trailer goes back in the vault!

Unity Vol 3 Armor Hunters TP

(Cover art by Mico Suayan.)

Episode 33: Death of a Renegade

It’s time to read Valiant’s longest trade to date and we’re celebrating with our longest episode.  This episode we are joined by Karyn for a three-person discussion on Harbinger Volume 5: Death of a Renegade.  Who dies? Can Nick handle it?  Will Josh and Karyn bicker the whole episode?  Also, we want you to email us your story about when you read the Harbinger death issue and if we get enough we will share the stories on a future episode.  We remember where we were when we read Harbinger #23, do you? Email us at! Thanks for listening!

Episode 33: Death of a Renegade

(Cover art by Michael Walsh.)

Episode 31: Prelude to Armor Hunters

Technical difficulties aside, we’re here to bring you another episode of Valiant Effort. This time we talk about XO Manowar Volume 6: Prelude to Armor Hunters. Topics of conversation this time include, sound in space, how excited we are for Armor Hunters, and how we’re not excited for the next episode. Thanks for listening!

Episode 31: Prelude to Armor Hunters

(Cover art by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic.)