Valiant Effort 052: Battle for New Japan

Today’s episode of Valiant Effort is brought to you by the letters STP and DMX. In this installment we take a look at the second Rai trade. We talk exploding cereal, Jonah and the Whale, and wet voice acting. Also, Nick has very strong opinions on roman numerals and who he thinks Father is. It’s the commentary you crave and it’s in your headphones now!

Valiant Effort 052: Battle for New Japan

Rai Vol. 2 TPB, cover by Clayton Crain

(Cover art by Clayton Crain.)


Episode 35: Welcome To New Japan

Murder in the 41st century! This episode Nick and Josh tackle the first volume of Rai. Discussions include the Pullbox Plus edition, Rai’s character design, whether Father is really the bad guy and Clayton Crain’s artwork. And also we discuss whether the premise of our show is still viable: Is Nick still a new comic book reader.

Episode 35: Welcome To New Japan

One more thing: your intrepid hosts, Nick and Josh, made a movie in High School. Do you want to see the trailer to that (awful) movie? Five new itunes reviews by the end of June will lead to our forever embarrassment. So get reviewing world or the trailer goes back in the vault!

(Cover art by Clayton Crain.)

Episode 20: Sword of the Wild

It’s time for the episode Nick’s been waiting for since the beginning of the series, it’s time to talk about the Eternal Warrior! Will Nick like it or hate it? Do we believe in destiny? Is the Earth really alive? And what’s the deal with all these houses? Find out now with our focus on the second immortal brother from Valiant Comics.

Episode 20: Sword of the Wild

(Cover art by Clayton Crain.)