Episode 21: Perfect Day

It’s a perfect day to record a podcast.  In this episode we discuss the fourth Harbinger Trade, and we argue about the proper way to shoot a bow and arrow, talk about what sets Kris apart from the other Renegades, and channel Lou Reed.  …you’re going to reap just what you sow…

Episode 21: Perfect Day

(Cover art by Barry Kitson.)

Episode 13: Harbinger Wars, Part III

It’s the third and final installment of our journey through the Harbinger Wars.  In this episode we focus on Bloodshot and his role in this crossover event.  Who really has the young psiot’s best interest at heart? Does Kara make any good decisions in this story? And we revisit the debate we’ve been having since episode two: Is Harada the bad guy? So take off your tie, relax from a hard day at work, and turn up the volume, because Valiant Effort is coming your way!

Episode 13: Harbinger Wars, Part III

(Cover art by Mico Suayan.)

Episode 12: Harbinger Wars, Part II

It’s part 2 of the Harbinger Wars! In this installment we discuss the first zero issue collected, lame superhero names and Harada’s past. Also, we experience the Harbinger Wars in all it’s 8-bit glory because it’s time to play the game! So strap in because our discussion of Harbinger Volume 3 begins now!

Harbinger Wars, Part II

Harbinger Volume 3

(Cover art by Khari Evans.)

Episode 11: Harbinger Wars, Part I

Part 1? Are we having a multi-part episode? We are and Nick has no idea. In this episode we look at the Harbinger Wars mini-series. Joshua explains his love for the H.A.R.D. Corps and Nick has a crazy theory about the Bleeding Monk. And twins! So download this now because streaming wastes your battery.

Episode 11: Harbinger Wars, Part I

Harbinger Wars, Part I 

(Cover by Clayton Crain.)

Episode 2: Omega Rising

Episode 2: Omega Rising is now available.  In this episode we have a fantastic conversation about the first Volume of Harbinger: Omega Rising.  Who is the Bleeding Monk? What do all those Japanese ranks mean? Is Pete the worst human being ever?  All this and more!

Episode 2: Omega Rising

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