Valiant Effort Interacts 013: Living Level 3

In this quick episode Joshua and Karyn talk about Joshua Dysart’s new online comic LL3.

Valiant Effort Interacts 013: Living Level 3

You can read the comic at the following links:

Episode 44: The United

What does Valiant Comics, Queen Latifah and a small town in the middle of nowhere Maine have in common? U-N-I-T-Y. In this episode we take a look at volume 4 of Valiant’s Avengers as they square off against The United. Topics include: Growing up, super-heroes standing trial, and the concept of the Pacifist Hero. Also, way more information than you ever needed to know about the 1918 World Series.

Episode 44: The United

We had some audio issues with this episode, stay tuned to the very end to find out the hilarious reason why. In the meantime, thanks for listening, and we promise the sound quality that you’re used to hearing will return on our next installment.


(Cover art by Lewis LaRosa.)

Episode 42: Omegas

It’s time to talk Harbinger again! This time Josh and Nick are joined by Karyn for an in-depth conversation on Harbinger Volume 6: Omegas. In this episode we talk about the state of news today, the psychology of the angsty Peter Stanchek and the origins of the Bleeding Monk. We also talk about how awesome Choose Your Own Adventure Novels are and how we really want a ‘Find Peter’ app for our phones.

Episode 42: Omegas

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(Cover art by Lewis LaRosa.)

Episode 40: Armor Hunters, Part V

This is it! The final chapter of Armor Hunters. This time we’ll check in and see what the Generation Zero kids were up to during the world changing event. Also, a couple of Renegades may get peppered in there as well. If you’re ready for an in-depth conversation on text boxes this is the podcast for you. We also talk about the morality of making weapons of mass destruction and we talk about whether fate is real or not. But mostly text boxes. This episode we also wrap up our thoughts on Armor Hunters as a whole. Thanks for listening!

Episode 40: Armor Hunters, Part V

(Cover art by Lewis LaRosa and Brian Reber.)

Episode 33: Death of a Renegade

It’s time to read Valiant’s longest trade to date and we’re celebrating with our longest episode.  This episode we are joined by Karyn for a three-person discussion on Harbinger Volume 5: Death of a Renegade.  Who dies? Can Nick handle it?  Will Josh and Karyn bicker the whole episode?  Also, we want you to email us your story about when you read the Harbinger death issue and if we get enough we will share the stories on a future episode.  We remember where we were when we read Harbinger #23, do you? Email us at! Thanks for listening!

Episode 33: Death of a Renegade

(Cover art by Michael Walsh.)

Episode 30: Get Some!

It’s ’90’s nostalgia time on Valiant Effort.  In this issue we explore five episodes of Bloodshot, specifically Bloodshot Volume 5: Get Some! Why are these characters so muscley? Can Valiant tell a story with a realistic romance? What is Nick’s breaking point?  Tune in now to get some of this… and more!

Episode 30: Get Some!

(Cover art by Lewis LaRosa.)

Episode 27: Mission: Improbable

Good morning, Valiant listeners…. Your mission… should you choose to accept it, is to listen to the latest episode of the Valiant Effort Podcast, where we discuss the fifth Archer & Armstrong trade.  As always, should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self destruct in five seconds.

Episode 27: Mission: Improbable

(Cover art by Tom Fowler.)