Valiant Effort 049: Days of Steel

The Eternal Warrior has been sent on a cryptic mission by the Geomancer leading him to say “That’s so Raven!” Now centuries later Nick and Josh discuss the third Eternal Warrior trade: Days of Steel. Why can’t the Geomancer be more specific? Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? Why is everyone getting cut in the face? Thanks fo listening!

Valiant Effort 049: Days of Steel

Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel Vol. 1 TPB, cover by Bryan Hitch

(Cover art by Bryan Hitch.)


Valiant Effort 048: The Glitch & Other Tales

It’s that time again, another episode of Valiant Effort. This time we’re wrapping up the original Bloodshot run with volume 6. Is Bloodshot more machine than man? Is love a glitch? Does this volume have enough comic in it? All this and more including Josh’s thought on the new A Sound of Thunder album. Thanks for listening!

Valiant Effort 048: The Glitch & Other Tales

Bloodshot Vol. 6 TPB, cover by Lewis LaRosa

(Cover art by Lewis LaRosa.)

Episode 26: Fear, Blood, and Shadows

It’s time for the fourth volume of Shadowman. The book has a new writer and a new artist! Do we think it’s improved over the first three volumes? ¬†Also, Nick and Josh have the first major disagreement during our series. ¬†Will it end like our fights in second grade where we told each other we wouldn’t be friends for 24 hours? Tune in and find out! Music in this episode was used with permission from A Sound of Thunder. Find them online at: and on twitter @asotband

Episode 26: Fear, Blood, Shadows

(Cover art by Roberto de la Torre.)